Little Grove

Little Grove Clinic was a start up company taking over an old clinic and re-starting completely. With a completely new brand and business Little Grove had the chance to bring in new patients to a vibrant new clinic, which still represented clinical and professional vibes.

My client had described his inspiration all relating to nature, nurture and growth. His aspirations for the business’ development were never ending so we both knew it had to be something that could be flexible to many businesses within the company e.g. Little Grove Dental and Little Grove Pharmacy. The company behind the business was created as Little Grove Holdings (LGH) which is the fourth logo you can see.

My client wanted a classy and more upmarket style for this company which differs from the classic pharmacy green cross it is commonly associated with. He really liked the idea of a tree, but as it is such well used logo idea, I wanted to make it fresh using simple connecting lines with separate leaves. This idea developed into the separate leaf design for the smaller companies within.

As Little Grove Clinic is the main business, it has all of the green leaves and as the company grows, anything with the title Little Grove will have a different green leaf combination. This will become an iconic tree to patients around the island relating each tree to all the different separate businesses.

ClientPhilip TerryServicesBranding and DesignYear2016