Macmillan Jersey

I had heard Macmillan Jersey wanted to re-vamp their website and I got in contact to see if I could offer my services whether it was paid work or voluntary. Unfortunately, I had a limited time locally on island before going to work abroad so they decided to go in another direction for the development side of the project as they were not ready to start that soon. However, I had 2-3 months free to offer my services so once a week I met with the client who was in charge of the website.

I acted as a consultant to really narrow down what they wanted to change and what they wanted to achieve from a new website making the process quicker when they did go to development. We looked at aesthetics, functionality, design, scalability, features and ease of use. We developed site maps including every page and how the user will navigate each page, so that it was thoroughly thought through before development.

ClientBeth Moore at Macmillan JerseyServicesConsultation, VoluntryYear2015